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Italy has thousands of years of history and the Italian language enables you to access art, cinema, literature, business, travel and relationships in Italian. On this page, you’ll find the information you need to start learning Italian with us: the official Italian Cultural Institute in South Africa.

B1 Citizenship

Preparatory courses for the mandatory exam to obtain the Italian Citizenship. Lean more

Online Studies

You can attend all our classes from the comfort of your home or office.

Mother tongue teachers

Our courses are held by Italian mother tongue teachers, all levels.

Our Courses Offering

Group courses | All levels

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Our most popular offering. The best and more convenient way to learn Italian from the comfort of your home.

Days: Mon & Wed or Tue & Thu

Time: 14:00-15:30 or 17:00 to 18:30

Fees: R 3500 per person, per 36-hour package (excluding textbook)

(1 hour= 45 min period)

Private Lessons | All levels

Various Packages

Our private lessons are ideal for individuals or small groups (2 to 3 persons) that have specific requirements.

One-to-One: R 500 pp, per hour

Couples: R650 per hour, sharing

3 Persons: R800 per hour, sharing

Packages: 10 hours-15 hours

(1 hour= 45 min period)

Calendar 2022

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Term 1: 17 Jan – 17 March (SOLD OUT)

Term 2: 4 Apr – 15 June    (SOLD OUT)

Term 3: 19 July – 20 Sept
(register by 20 June)

Term 4: 10 Oct – 8 Dec
(register by 21 Sept)

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Seats are limited. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn Italian. Group courses start from R 3,500 per person for a 36-hour package. Private lessons start from R 500 per person per hour.

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Your Teacher

Sandra Ronca

  • I am a Doctor in molecular ecology, with a passion and experience in teaching Italian. I grew up in a little town in the Alps that I had to leave to accomplish my academic career.
  • Whilst travelling in different continents, I taught Italian to adults and teenagers in the UK and I lectured Italian at the Tshwane University of Technology in South Africa. I have been teaching at the Italian Institute of culture in Pretoria, South Africa, for the past 3 years.
  • I am a native Italian teacher specialised in tutoring Italian for beginner and intermediate students. I have experience in preparing teaching materials, instructing students on grammar and vocabulary topics, assigning homework, grading papers and tests, and monitoring trainees’ progress.
  • I use an integrated teaching method, providing all the material a student needs to
    get the hang of reading, listening comprehension, as well as conversation and
    fluency. Grammatical elements are introduced as the learner improves their skills, while simultaneously exploring Italian culture.
  • I am always very happy to meet new students and I thoroughly enjoy teaching Italian, adapting to students’ diverse learning styles, while maintaining a very approachable attitude. I am patient, helpful and I encourage the student’s motivation to learn.


Why Learn Italian?

Business Travel & Communication

Italy has the 8th highest GDP in the world. Speaking Italian will definitely facilitate business, travel and communication in Italy. 

More Perspective on Arts & Culture

Italy is rich in arts and culture based on the Italian language and they’re often not translated. From literature to cinema, you’ll be able to enjoy them all, like an Italian.


If you have Italian family or Italian ancestry, learning Italian will complete and complement your heritage.

Become a Better Learner

By learning another language you expand your cultural reach and the social interactions you can have.

Increase your Job Opportunities

In 2020, Italy exported a total of $481 Bn, making it the number 7 exporter in the world. Italian companies are always looking for new employees that can speak Italian and another language. Likewise, South African firms wanting to export to Italy, or do business with Italy, are looking for professionals that can speak Italian.

Speak With More People

Over 77,000 people speak Italian in South Africa. If you enjoy the many social and cultural events organised in South Africa by the Italian institutions, you’ll find that speaking Italian is not only useful but you will enjoy those events even more and meet new people.


Why Learn With Us?


Official Italian Institute

The Italian Cultural Institute (Istituto Italiano di Cultura – IIC) is the official institution for the diffusion of the Italian language and culture.


Hundreds of students

With hundreds of happy students that completed our courses in the past years, we cover any need from business to personal. 


Located in South Africa

We’re located in Pretoria and we understand the peculiarity of the South African context.


B1 Citizenship

We are an exam venue for the CILS B1 for Citizenship purposes (issued by the University for Foreigners of Siena, Italy), one of the official Italian language exams that is mandatory for any new citizenship.


What Our Students Say

I was very scared of learning a new language, in the beginning, but I really needed to learn Italian for work. I’m so glad I found the Italian Institute of Culture. Not only the teachers are nice and they go at my pace, but it is so convenient o interact with them online, saving time and petrol. Thank you IIC.

Jane Botha

Learning Italian for Business

I am extremely glad that I found the Italian Cultural Institute, because not only are the teachers amazing, but the courses are brilliantly structured and constantly keep on improving my Italian language skills. I would gladly recommend the institute to anybody interested in Italian culture.

Eujean Snyman

Group Course Italian Student

Frequently Asked Questions

Is learning Italian difficult?

Our mother tongue teachers make it as easy and fun as possible to learn Italian. Plus, Italian has a similar grammar structure to French, Spanish and Portuguese. So if you know one f these languages, you’ll find it very easy. If not, once you learn Italian it will be easy for you to pick up any of the other latin languages mentioned above.

If I miss a Group Class, can I reschedule it?

Group classes cannot be rescheduled, but you will be given all the material/support to catch up with the rest of the class.

If I miss a Private Class, can I reschedule it?

Private lessons may be rescheduled if cancelled at least 48 hours before the lesson is due, otherwise the lesson will be charged in full.

Do I need to speak Italian to get Italian citizenship?

Yes, it’s one of the requirements and our courses are certified to prepare you for the B1 exam that enables the passport request. For further information, please visit the Consulate general website by clicking here.

Do you offer in-person lessons?

At the moment all our language courses are online, however, we’re about to launch a new course combining cooking classes with Italian lessons and that will be in presence. For more information subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll notify you when the course launches.

When can I start?
  • You can start at the beginning of a new term – We follow the public school terms:

Calendar 2022 

Term 1: 17 Jan – 17 March (register by 15 Dec) (SOLD OUT)

Term 2: 4 Apr – 15 June  (register by 10 March) (SOLD OUT) 

Term 3: 19 July – 20 Sept (register by 20 June)

Term 4: 10 Oct – 8 Dec (register by 14 Sept)

  • There will be no classes between terms and on national holidays. 
  • Each group package (36 hours), will be used during each term. 
  • At the end of each term, you will send a new registration form and pay for the new term
On Italian citizenship
  • HOW DOES IT WORK? – We offer a preparatory course for the mandatory exam to obtain Italian citizenship by marriage, issued by the University for Foreigners of Siena. You can join any of our beginner’s group courses and progress to B1 level (All courses start from A1 Beginner level as a base. Once you finish level B1, you will move into a specific class to prepare for the B1 Cit. examination). 

  • HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO PREPARE FOR THE EXAM? – It should take you about 3/4 years of studying in a group course, provided you attend all classes and study outside your normal class time (20-30 min a day or more is desirable). 

  • WHERE DO I SIT THE EXAM? – We are an authorized centre to administer the CILS certification offered by the University for Foreigners of Siena, so you will register with us and sit the exam at this institute. For more information on the CILS B1 Citizenship certification, please contact:

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